Juanita Cucinotta is a vocalist, musician, music coach/teacher, composer, band manager,  choir leader and arranger.

Juanita began learning piano at the age of 7. She soon discovered a love for singing and has been doing so ever since, picking up other instruments on the way such as guitar and piano accordion.

Juanita studied contemporary voice and performance with Kanga’s School of the Natural Voice in Sydney as well as voice and piano with the Sydney Jazz Action Society and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

“I love playing and I love teaching – this is my life. Through my students I continue to learn so much about music, and how we learn. It is a fascination that will continue for the rest of my life.”

Juanita has performed in many bands and ensembles up and down the East coast of Australia and overseas including Vancouver, Bali and New Orleans. She currently performs with her own band Queen Juanita and the Zydeco Cowboys.